SolidNEST is offering 3 promotional packages for ProCAM end users to introduce solid modeling and to provide a cost-effective upgrade from ProCAM Fab to SolidNEST.

ProCAM to SolidNEST Upgrade Packages

The Upgrade packages include SolidNEST and an OEM version of SolidWorks. These bundled packages are an opportunity for ProCAM users to upgrade to SolidNEST and SolidWorks for a fraction of the cost of purchasing SolidNEST and a full version of SolidWorks at MSRP.

This package gives ProCAM users the combination of a solid modeling system to design better products faster and more accurately plus a seamlessly integrated, innovative, CAM system for CNC machining that can significantly speed time to market.

SolidNEST is available in a choice of CNC machining modules:

  • Cut
  • Punch
  • Combo
  • Nesting Only


Upgrade/Update FAQ

This section has the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Upgrade/Update Offer.
If you have more questions, please contact us.

What is included in the ProCAM to SolidNEST Upgrade Package?

SolidNEST Upgrade Package

  • SolidNest (Cut, Punch, Combo or Nest Only)
  • SolidWorks OEM version (optional)Subscription Service * – 1 year for SolidNest and SolidWorks
  • SolidProfessor SolidWorks Core Concepts 5 hr. multimedia training CD

*CAMWorks Subscription Service = phone/online support from Cimtronics Midwest, software upgrades, service packs


What are the ProCAM requirements to quality for the promotional offer?

To qualify for the Upgrade, a customer must have proof of purchase of at least one ProCAM fabrication module. Any version of ProCAM or ProCAM II qualifies.


If I purchase an Update package, how can I use SolidWorks with ProCAM?

SolidWorks part files (SLDPRT) can be read directly into ProCAM II and machined using 2.5 Axis Mill and Surface Machining cycles.

SolidWorks supports all industry standard file formats (e.g., Pro/ENGINEER, TIFF, AutoCAD, Unigraphics, Solid Edge, STEP, Parasolid, ACIS, STL, JPG). Files in these formats can be opened in SolidWorks, saved in a ProCAM-supported format such as IGES or DWG, and then be read directly into ProCAM 2D or ProCAM II.

ProCAM users can learn solid modeling without having to purchase the full version of SolidWorks. The Update package includes a 5 hr. multimedia training CD. After learning SolidWorks, the transition to CAMWorks will be the next logical step.


Where can I find out about Upgrade/Update Package pricing?

SolidNEST is offering these packages at a significant discount. Please contact us for pricing information.


What is included in the SolidWorks OEM Version?

Full part modeling and assembly capabilities


The full version of SolidWorks provides 2 modules:

  • Part – for creating solid, surface and wire frame models
  • Assembly – for combining models to create an assembly

The OEM version includes all the functionality of the Part and Assembly modules, with the limitation of not being able to create a complete 2D detailed/engineering drawing with a title block due to the absence of the Drawing module.


What about SolidWorks training and support?

Training and support will be supplied by Cimtronics Midwest. To assist you in training, each package includes a 5 hour multimedia SolidWorks training CD that we strongly recommend customers use to learn SolidWorks.


Can I see a demo?

If you would like an online demo, simply contact us.


Will my current ProCAM posts work in SolidNEST?

No, your current ProCAM post processor will not work with SolidNEST. All SolidNEST post processor are custom posts and must be purchased.


How long will this promotion last?

The promotion may be terminated at any time.


Glossary of Terms
  • Upgrade – Package includes CAMWorks, SolidWorks, and the latest version of ProCAM.
  • Update – Package includes the latest version of ProCAM and SolidWorks (does not include CAMWorks).
  • USP – ProCAM maintenance includes bug fixes, minor enhancements and phone/online support from Cimtronics Midwest.
    CAMWorks and SolidWorks maintenance includes phone/online support from Cimtronics Midwest, software upgrades,                       and service packs.