Is ProCAM II an obsolete product?

Although development is no longer being done on ProCAM II, the product is still being shipped and supported by Cimtronics Midwest. Support plans are available for ProCAM II, but Upgrade Subscription Plans are no longer available. ProCAM II will run under both the latest version of XP and Vista.

What is the current ProCAM II release?

The current ProCAM II release is ProCAM II 2006.

What are the system requirements for ProCAM II?

Make sure your system meets at least the minimum requirements below. While ProCAM and ProCAM II run on the minimum configuration, the recommended configuration provides a significant increase in speed and performance.


(1) ProCAM benefits significantly from a faster processor and more RAM especially when cutting complex parts.
(2) Make sure you have a supported video card installed with the latest update to the driver.
(3) Resolutions using large fonts are not supported.
(4) For a 2-button mouse, middle button functions are supported with the Space Bar.
(5) The most current service packs and critical updates for the Windows XP OS are required. They can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site.
Windows 98SE, ME, NT and Vista are not supported for the following reasons:
– Windows 2000 and XP are more stable.
– Win98SE, ME, and NT do not support newer technologies that are used to develop modules such as Advanced 3 Axis Milling.
– Windows Vista is new and untested.

Which video cards are supported?

Video cards differ in their functions, capabilities and performance. Cards that may work well for gaming may not work well with other applications. If you encounter display problems or system instability when running ProCAM II, first make sure you have the most current video driver for your operating system. If the driver does not correct the problem, you may need to purchase a different card. The list of cards below has been compiled from in-house testing and reports from users. However, other cards may work well. If you are considering other cards, make sure that they support a full set of OpenGL APIs.

The most important issue is to have the most current video driver for your OS.


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