ProCAM II offers two levels of 3 Axis Milling:

  • 3 Axis Milling Level I includes Adv. Roughing, Adv. Slice, Adv. Z Level, and Adv. Pencil Mill cutting cycles along with UV Cut and Curve Cut cycles.
  • Axis Milling Level II includes Level I cycles plus Adv. Constant Offset, Adv. Curve Projection and Adv. Finish Flats cycles. Rest machining support for all Adv. 3 Axis cycles is also included.

Advanced 3 Axis Cycles

To meet changing needs in the machining industry, Geometric’s new Advanced 3 Axis cutting cycles have been developed for speed, accuracy and efficient memory usage. Simple and complex parts can be cut quickly and accurately with a high quality toolpath.

Selective toolpath controls provide options such as high speed machining, leads, links and filters for efficient multi-surface code generation. OpenGL, simulation, interactive picking and a modern user interface further enhance programming.


Advanced 3 Axis Mill Features

All Advanced 3 Axis Milling cycles:

  • Can be modified to stay contained within an area or to avoid an area.
  • Provide interactive methods for defining contain and avoid areas.
  • Can optionally machine over avoid areas.
  • Can generate high-speed toolpaths with no sharp corners.
  • Can generate toolpaths with ball, flat, hog nose, tapered ball, tapered flat, or tapered hog nose tools.
  • Allow user defined start and end Z depths.
  • Support slope containment (except Rough and Finish Flats cycles).