CIMWorks™ EDM is seamlessly integrated into SolidWorks 2017™ and enhanced to automatically analyze a solid model, generate a machining plan for 2 Axis, 2 Axis Taper, and 4 Axis Features and post the G-Code with a single mouse click. We call this Solid to G-Code. (Patent Pending)


CIMWorks™ EDM 2017 for Solidworks 2017™ is our 3rd release of our 2 through 4 Axis Wire EDM Module fully integrated within Solidworks™. Starting out as “Impact” in 1994, our automated core routines have evolved taking full advantage of today’s software and hardware improvements. We still apply the cutting technology from your wire EDM to the geometry from a solid model to write the best possible G-code for your machine. This allows you to take full advantage of all the cutting improvements of today’s EDM Machines at the machine.


Feature Recognition

Our automatic 2D feature recognition from a wire frame in 1994 has evolved to 2 Axis, 2 Axis with taper, and 4 axis synchronized and un-synchronized from a solid model. The requirement of several 2D sketches to define top and bottom cuts is virtually eliminated, but the ability to automatically program from a 2D wire frame still exists.


Partial list of the features of CIMWorks™ EDM

  • Solid to G-Code
    • Find features
    • Machine features using technical database
    • Post process all features
    • Display posted output in Edit Dialog ​
  • Cutting Conditions Database
  • Automatic wire path generation for 2 Axis, 2 Axis Taper, and 4 Axis Features based in the Cutting Conditions Database
  • Automatic Feature Recognition of 2 Axis, 2 Axis Taper, and 4 Axis Features in the Solid Model
  • Automatic/Manual Glue Stops
    *Supports up to 8 glue stops
  • Automatic calculation of Lead-in’s and Lead-out’s
  • Dynamic editing of Start point Location and Leads without going to Machining Dialogs
  • Land and Taper Function
    *Part and feature level automation
  • Definable Corner Types
  • Definable number of Skim Passes to 8
  • Stock or Feature Machining Height
  • User Comments
  • Definable Post Attributes for each Feature
  • Definable wire path Start Point
    *Auto start point location finding
  • Support to Thread Wire
  • Output of Start Hole Program for EDM hole making machine
  • Independent Post Processing Order options for Punch and Die
  • Definable Work Plane and Program Plane
  • Definable Stop Types
  • ​Sub-routine support


Wire-EDM Posts for the Following Machines



      Agie Mitsubishi









Demo Videos

To view demonstration videos for our software, click here.


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